A World of Creativity and Honest Craftmenship Unde One Small Roof
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' In the studio, we make jewelry, in the showroom, we sell self-confidence and inspiration.'

You will know Body and Soul, is not your regular retail shop as soon as you walk through the door. Adjacent to the showroom is the silversmith studio, where you can witness the magic of metal forged into wearable art. In the studio we make jewelry, in the showroom, we sell self-confidence and inspiration. The owners, Marcia and Fred Fowler, believe natural crystals can positively affect your magnetic field. For this reason, the gemstones Marcia sets in her handcrafted jewelry pieces are carefully combined. Marcia has a master degree in sculpturing, and throughout her career has had her work exposed in several galleries throughout Latin America, Europe, and the US.
Along with Marcia’s creations, the showroom offers stunning natural crystal formations. The gorgeous crystal collection for sale comes straight from Brazilian deposits. Marcia is a registered gemologist and takes pride in providing customers the best formations from her homeland.  Body and Soul open its doors five years ago and has already become a popular destination for crystal loves and women looking for signature jewelry pieces handcrafted by a local artist. The shop is open seven days a week, and you can shop for Marcia work by clicking on Collections