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Calla Lily & Opal Pendant

$ 300.00

* Imagine you open your eyes and see a soft green field covered with lilies in a fresh spring day. 

* The Calla lily was sculpted in wax and cast in .925 sterling silver. A durable and lasting wear beauty that will make you feel you are back looking at the soft green field covered with lilies in a fresh spring day.

* The accent gem next to the flower is a freshwater pearl. Freshwater pearl vibe enhances your femininity and gives you a chic look.

* The dangle gem is a stunning Australian opal.Opal vibe brings happy dreams and happy changes. Opals help you fade into the background, becoming invisible in circumstances where you do not wish to be noticed.

* All gemstones are naturally formed. The piece is a one-of-a-kind, designed and hand-crafted in our silversmith studio in PA.

* The pendant is signed and arrives safely in your hands in a lovely jewelry box.

Ships in 3 business days.

FREE shipping in the USA

For chain options, please check https://byhandbymarcia.myshopify.com/collections/accessories.